Test Drives

Test drives might seem like a fun day out at someone else’s expense – right? Yes and no! It takes a lot of discipline and understanding to put out a meaningful road test report – one that helps a potential buyer clearly see what a car is all about.

Like most of you, we also get stuck in traffic jams, run the risk of getting flashed by an oddball speed camera or get caught in an sand storm when out and about in the dunes. Early morning starts, late evening finishes and more often then not, weekend photo sessions are essential rituals.

Unlike a lot of you, our test drives are not about travelling from point A to B. A typical drive would cover nearly 300km of over a few days. Most of the drives are in and around our base in Dubai, UAE. Though, sometimes we get invited to drive the cars overseas as well.

Auto journalists like to brag about high performance, ultra luxury cars. Yes, we get to drive them as well to fuel our ego once in a while. AutoMiddleEast is about cars that you see on the roads and not only aspirational cars and therefore we try to maximise our time driving such cars.

Here at AutoMiddleEast.com, our job is to bring you unbiased reviews from actual test drives by our team, price & specs of the cars sold in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. Over 50 brands of cars are sold in this part of the world. If you wish to read a review for a particular car and unfortunately it’s not in our reports yet, let us know. We will get cracking on it.

For now, click on any of the Brand logos below to read more on cars driven by team AutoMiddleEast.


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