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Week 4: Admittedly, our long-term 2017 Honda CR-V does look good from some angles, however, the sat-nav is hopping mad at times. Text and Images: Amit Benjamin

long-term 2017 honda cr-v

Confession time: Following a minor tirade against our long-term 2017 Honda CR-V’s exterior design in the last report, I will readily admit I have changed my mind, albeit slightly, and will concede it does look good from certain angles, as you can see in the photo. However, in the fine tradition of grumpy automotive journalism, I have found a new niggle to complain about in this update. The ride height is lofty enough for the 2017 CR-V to qualify as a crossover, but somehow not quite so, either. Getting in and out feels strangely taxing sometimes; it’s one of those things that annoy the crap out of you, but you can’t put a finger on it why.

On the upside, the fuel economy is still wallet-friendly, which means as a family runner, our long-term 2017 Honda CR-V still lives up to the promise. The ride quality is rather agreeable, too, and it terms of practicality or reliability, there is little to complain about.

I have to mention the idiocy of the sat-nav, though. It loses track on arrow straight highways such as Shaikh Zayed Road in Dubai and often, despite being a mere 10 metres away from your destination it wants you to — for no apparent reason — take a 2.0km detour to come back to where you already are. Very odd.

By the way, I noticed the same problem with the 2018 Honda Odyssey’s sat-nav I tested recently.

However, apart from the peculiar behavior of the electronic map person, there really isn’t much to complain about here. If you just want a family car to get from point A to point B it will probably do everything you’d expect of it. Nothing more and nothing less.

Date acquired: 15/1/2018
Total mileage: 7,877
Mileage this week: 620
Costs this week: Fuel
Average fuel consumption: 9.1 litres per 100km


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