Take a sneak peek at the 2019 Mercedes G-Class interior

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Mercedes-Benz has for the first time revealed shots of the new ’ interior which will come next year as a model just in time for the 40th anniversary party…

mercedes g-class 2019

Mercedes-Benz has been peddling its trustworthy Geländewagen in dozens of forms since 1979, and the boxy legend just doesn’t want to go away even in the face of electrification, digitalisation, and global warming – the G-Class is proof there is still plenty of love left for ozone-killing twin-turbocharged V12 engines and two-and-a-half-tonne dune monsters at least here in the Middle East where the nameplate thrives.

Assembled in its plant in Graz, Austria, the G-Class has always offered traditional values it’s held dear since 1979, like dead straight lines, right angles, and grab handles…

Well, for the upcoming 2019 model – which will arrive on the market just in time to celebrate 40 years of the venerable Geländewagen – they’ve been mighty sensible and stuck to the plan, which means the second-generation G-Class is straight and true too.

mercedes g-class 2019

Over 300,000 models sold can’t be wrong, so why fix what ain’t broken? Mercedes says that when it comes to the exterior, very little has been changed (although they still won’t let us have a look at it from the outside), but the interior is the area that’s received more focus.

Important G-Class touches remain, like all the ruler-designed stuff, as well as the grab handle, tall and narrow doors, and tall seating position plus a nearly vertical windscreen for ultimate outward visibility. This time however the G-Class gets two 12.3-inch displays like the S-Class, and all the technology to go with it.

mercedes g-class 2019

All in all, designers have managed to find an extra 38mm of front legroom, and increase rear legroom by an additional 150mm which won’t go unnoticed since the G-Class has always been cramped in the back.

The new G-Class will make its world debut early next month at the 2018 , before going on sale late in the year as a 2019 model. See you in the fast lane.

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