Renault launches Zoe EV in the UAE

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French manufacturer has just released the little Zoe in our region from AED129,900, packing a zero-emission driving range of 300km

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So far there’s been no point to buy an electrified vehicle in the region other than personal environmental concerns, especially with our low fuel prices (they dropped further this month…) easily justifying the purchase of a big ol’ V8…

However with the recent incentives on EVs and electrified vehicles in the UAE particularly, these types of cars are finally starting to make sense even in the oil-rich Middle East. The UAE government will let you freely charge your EV at no cost in any of the charging points around the country, as well as free public parking. This is all part of the nation’s plan to have over 40,000 vehicles on the roads by the year 2030.

So what’s stopping you from buying an EV, then? Probably the fact that you have no choice in our market, besides something like a Tesla which starts from AED275,000.

2018renault zoe ev 1

Except, now the French are actually giving you a choice. From AED129,900, you can now buy the just-launched EV in our region, which is the company’s best-selling electric vehicle.

“The introduction of the new Zoe is an important step forward for electric mobility in the Middle East,” said Renault Middle East boss Marwan Haidamous. “Many drivers’ main fear around electric motoring is running out of battery power.”

Compared to the previous Zoe, the new model boasts double the driving range with a total of 300km on a single charge, and when you run out of juice, you can get 80km of range back with a half-hour charge.   

2018renault zoe ev 1

The five-door compact features daytime running lights, an infotainment system with a touchscreen display and air conditioning as standard kit. Besides that you also get a new-generation battery pack which is more powerful yet no bigger or heavier than before.

As part of its six-year plan, Renault has pledged to release eight new electric vehicles and 12 electrified (hybrid) vehicles by the year 2022, so in the near future you can look forward to your EV options widening even further in our region.


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