The IMx concept is your autonomous Nissan of the future

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Japanese giant revealed the IMx at the with the company’s next-generation driverless system on board, and a zero-emissions range of 600km

nissan imx concept tokyo

Nissan is pretty serious about electrification and driverless technologies and to demonstrate the direction the Japanese giant’s going in with its future products, at the Tokyo motor show Nissan unveiled a new fully-autonomous concept car.

The Nissan IMx (the brand likes to say ‘Intelligent Mobility’ a lot so that’s where the name comes from) was revealed in a crossover body style and can do a pretty impressive 600km on one full battery charge. For some reason Nissan wants us to believe the IMx offers “unprecedented enjoyment in motion” so they’re saying it’s more fun than a GT-R.

nissan imx concept tokyo

The central nervous system of this car is something Nissan calls ProPilot (you can find it in the new Leaf) which is in its future next-generation form in the IMx — select ProPilot, and the car tucks the steering wheel away out of sight inside the dashboard and seamlessly reclines all the seats. Select manual mode again, and the steering wheel pops back out and the seats straighten up so you can take over control again.

Built on Nissan’s platform, the zero-emissions IMx features a flat floor which means the cabin’s huge, and it houses everything from the 320kW and 700Nm battery to the pair of electric motors front and rear giving it four wheel drive. With the heavy bits all located in the floor Nissan keeps the centre of gravity down low, claiming sharp handling and dynamics for this crossover.

nissan imx concept tokyo

In the future Nissan says cars like the IMx will be able to drop owners to the airport, and then autonomously park up and plug themselves into the city grid and return electricity to the grid. When your return flight lands back at the airport your Nissan will get a notification and scoot silently in to pick you up at the terminal.

nissan imx concept tokyo

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