Tesla vs Edison: Ford revives an old rivalry

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Dearborn giant has outlined a new future strategy focussing on connectivity, AI technologies and all- cars, plus a new dedicated department named ‘Team Edison’. Your move,

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A fully-autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid undergoing testing in Michigan, USA…

Earlier this year Tesla became the biggest car manufacturer on the planet, if you measure these things by a manufacturer’s stock worth.

The so-called legacy automakers, see, they aren’t too happy with this financial evaluation. General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, they’re all going into the future riding big bets on autonomous technologies and zero-emissions motoring. Analysts and investors, however, aren’t as easily convinced that traditional car companies rooted in fossil fuels and established manufacturing methods can spring quickly enough to changes affecting the industry, to the onsetting shareable car and the shift in private-ownership mentality.

Now that it’s under the leadership of new CEO James Hackett, who replaced the retired (read, fired) Mark Fields earlier this year due to shareholder dissatisfaction, Ford felt it due time to impress investors with a plan for a fresh start. This being namely the acceleration of EV development, and a pledge to make 90 percent of all cars produced by 2020 connected cars.

Buried in the 59-page Powerpoint presentation however, is a little dig at electric rival Tesla where Ford announces a new electric-vehicle department named Team Edison. Team Edison will be charged with advancing the Blue Oval’s future smart cars, taking its name from Nikola Tesla rival, so to speak, Thomas Edison, who some historians don’t even consider a scientist but rather a businessman — Edison, best known for inventing the lightbulb for example, didn’t actually invent the lightbulb.

Anyway, since the name Tesla was taken, Ford had to settle for the guy who gave us the electric chair. Let’s hope the cars shock in a good way.

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