Nissan reveals Nismo Leaf concept

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Japanese giant is hinting at a production Leaf model with this Tokyo-bound concept as part of the company’s plan for 12 new electric vehicles by 2022

2018 nissan leaf nismo concept

Whenever there’s a new Nismo lined up for an upcoming motor show the car realm perks up and listens, but this time there’s no Nissan GT-R involved or any wild thoughts of turbocharged fancy.

At the starting later this month Japanese giant Nissan is planning to hog the attention with a mere second-generation Leaf EV, albeit one with a Nismo twist.

2018 nissan leaf nismo concept

The new concept car will be one of 13 vehicles on display, and the star attraction. Nissan launched the second-generation Leaf with improved battery capacity and efficiency as well as more system power, higher performance and an increased range.

One of the hot topics in the new car is the vehicle’s semi-autonomous capabilities Nisan calls ProPilot, which can basically drive the vehicle itself down a single-lane clearly marked road.

2018 nissan leaf nismo concept

For the Nismo concept version of the Leaf, designers apparently applied the Nissan in-house performance arm’s motorsport knowhow to improve aerodynamics to lessen lift, without detrimentally affecting the car’s drag coefficient.

To make the stand out more from a mere Leaf the Nismo concept comes with a black interior with, naturally, red accented stitching and a bunch of red accents.

2018 nissan leaf nismo concept

Nissan says the Nismo Leaf is a driving concept that actually offers thrills going down the road, thanks to high-performance tyres and a stiffer suspension, as well as Nismo-tuned electronics coded to serve up instant acceleration at any speed.

For now the Nismo Leaf concept is just a show car but it’s highly possible that Nissan will offer a Nismo-spec production model in the future, as the Renault-Nissan Alliance has just announced a plan for 12 new electric vehicles in the line-up by the year 2022.

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