The Mercedes EQA is the future of hot hatchbacks

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Mercedes says the company will offer 10 all-electric vehicles by the year 2022, and one of them is previewed by the new compact concept capable of 0-100km/h in under five seconds…

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At the this week boss Dieter Zetsche is clear: “By 2022 we will have launched more than 10 all-electric vehicles on the market.”

One of those vehicles has just made its world premiere previewing a zero-emissions premium compact hot hatch with a three-pointed star on the nose. Think second-generation A-Class without exhaust pipes.

This new concept EQA is Merc’s first all-electric compact concept, with the Stuttgarters previously revealing a smart and an SUV .

mercedes eqa 1

The EQA hatch stands out with laser-fibre lights and a clean design purged of trendy, pointless creases and lines cluttering up seemingly every other body panel these days — when Mercedes launched the Concept A sedan earlier this year announcing the company’s new ‘Sensual purity’ styling language at the Shanghai motor show, the company did say pure forms were its future, and now with the EQA we can see the Germans meant it.

Sitting on a battery-electric platform exclusive to future Mercedes EVs, the EQA features an electric motor driving each axle with a total of just shy of 270 horsepower, however drivers will be able to alter how much power goes where.

Customers will also be able to spec different battery pack options, with the most expensive models promising a driving range of 400km on a single charge.

mercedes eqa 1

The interior design focusses on digitalisation (sorry, but we have to start using this newly coined phrase these days…) and the ongoing cull of physical buttons and switches, to be replaced by touch points and screens.

With a maximum of 500Nm of torque the EQA doesn’t hang about — 0-100km/h takes less than five seconds according to the maker, and drivers will be able to select Sport or Sport Plus driving modes which affect the performance as well as the look of the car. The front ‘grille’ is really a display panel that glows red in Sport and depicts virtual Panamericana grille bars in Sport Plus, like the ones you see on the AMG GT R.

The first production EQ models will start arriving in 2019 with the first to come being an SUV, naturally, dubbed EQC (because it’s GLC-sized…) and scheduled for manufacture in the company’s Bremen plant.

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