Size counts: new 750 horsepower Mercedes-Maybach concept

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At six-metres long and 750-horsepower strong the Vision Mercedes- 6 Cabriolet concept is the undisputed champion of outlandish luxury two-seaters

mercedes maybach 6 vision concept pebble 1

They’ve thought of everything by now, the ultra-luxury marques — you can have diamonds studded into the trim; you can have an SUV outfitted for falconry; you can have carbon fibre wheels and silk covered seats and tourbillon dash clocks.

In this segment distinguishing features are hard to, well, distinguish — it’s the old, “What do you give a man who has everything?” conundrum. Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Aston Martins, Bugattis, they’re all loaded and ridiculously opulent. So to stand out Mercedes simply went with the classic size-off.

Yes, in the world of ultra luxury bigger is always better. And there is no bigger than the new six-meter long Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet concept. The term landyacht finally bears true meaning. 

mercedes maybach 6 vision concept pebble 1

At this year’s gathering of the world’s most exotic cars at Pebble Beach, California, presented the drop-top version of the coupe concept we saw at last year’s Concours d’Elegance. 

With the roof removed the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet truly pays homage to those glamorous coachbuilt classics of the thirties only afforded by shahs and stars. Heavily art deco inspired, the car features an extremely long bonnet and boat tail, with a rear end that to our eye takes a respectful cue from the Alfa Duetto. Its lightly curving body trails away towards the rear and emphasises length with every detail, especially with the chrome used on the side, and its long wheelbase coupled to the high waistline, low greenhouse and low roof. Proportionally, it looks like one of those exaggerated Detroit car ads from the fifties, which is a very good thing. It’s a car right out of ad land, it’s a fantasy on wheels.

mercedes maybach 6 vision concept pebble 1

The interior too is outlandish, and maybe even more concept-like and too dreamy for production compared to the exterior. Quilted white nappa leather, and open pore wooden flooring with aluminium inlays means you’ll be wearing your boat shoes.

Even with six meters of real estate there are only two seats. Also, all that bonnet over there isn’t for keeping a V12 dry. There is no engine on board the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet, but there is 750 horsepower.

The car is all electric featuring motors and batteries to provide a total driving range of 500km according to the manufacturer.

Four motors sit in each corner giving all-wheel drive, with batteries laid out flat on the floor, providing a performance of 0-100km/h in under four seconds and a top speed limited to 250km/h. When you run out of electricity, in just five minutes of charging time the car gains back enough juice to cover 100km.

mercedes maybach 6 vision concept pebble 1

And so the space left under the bonnet? They used it for umbrellas, fitted luggage, plates, cuttlery, and a picnic set. Handy — you have to park this thing in the countryside anyway.

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