Porsche brings 911 Targa 4 GTS and Cayenne Turbo S to the 2015 NAIAS

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The 911 Targa 4 GTS and Cayenne Turbo S are celebrating their world premieres at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. For the first time, the 911 Targa 4 GTS combines the successful GTS moniker with the classic targa concept. Being the top model of the latest Cayenne generation, the Cayenne Turbo S integrates turbochargers into the exhaust manifold to push out a total of 570 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque.

Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS - Detroit Motor Show 2015

Despite the addition of new features, the weight-to-power ratio with the 430 horsepower engine in the 911 Targa 4 GTS has improved from 3.9 kg in the S model, to 3.6 kg per horsepower. With an all-wheel-drive system and a rollover protection bar, the stunning 911 packs a top whack of 300 km/h and dispatches a 100 km/h sprint in just 4.1 seconds.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S - Detroit Motor Show 2015

The Cayenne Turbo S also isn’t one to be taken lightly, either. Its standard Composite Ceramic Brakes (PCCB) include 420 mm front brake discs and for the first time, ten-piston calipers. The rear brakes have 370 mm discs and four-piston calipers. A sport exhaust system is also available as an option, in combination with a switchable sound symposer, which optimally transmits the V8 sound experience into the interior.

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