2015 Toyota Camry unveiled at New York Auto Show

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It isn’t very often that I spill my coffee onto my shirt in utter shock. The designers at seem to have managed to do just that, with the Camry. Residing almost on the borderlines of vulgar, the redesign is a serious attempt to shake off its not-so-exciting image and hold onto its title of ‘America’s Most Popular Car’.

2015 Toyota Camry front side

Although it is almost two inches longer and half an inch wider than the outgoing model, the engineering hasn’t been tampered with for the most part. With an improved suspension set-up to improve handling and responsiveness, the 2015 Camry is set to be ‘the sportiest Camry yet’, according to Toyota.

2015 Toyota Camry interior

The interior is believed to have been spiced up as well, with better grade materials, more sound insulation and side mirrors that are designed to reduce air turbulence and wind noise. All those should make out a decent hundred odd parts out of the 2,000 new parts inside and out, that the 2015 boasts.

2015 Toyota Camry rear

With no changes under the hood, you can expect the same 2.5 litre four cylinder and 3.5 litre V6 engines to be available in the 2015 Camry. If you’re wondering whether this version of the Camry will land on Middle Eastern soil, well, only time will tell…

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