Renault Twingo – reserving itself for the Geneva Motor Show

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In 2008, ’s engineers and designers set out to create the next-generation Twingo with the aim of rekindling the innovative spirit that was such a hallmark of the original Twingo released in 1992. ’s thoughts found an echo in those of Daimler which, at the same time, was exploring ideas for the next-generation two- and four-seat versions of the Smart.

Renault Twingo front

The front end features the brand’s new trademark styling, including a prominent Renault logo set to a black background. The Twingo’s expressive gaze is reinforced by its big headlights, which are topped by the direction indicators, as well as by its LED daytime running lights. To add to its liveliness, the comes in a choice of four vibrant ‘pop’ colours (light blue, white, yellow and red).

Renault Twingo  front + side

With the aim of creating an even roomier and more agile city car, switching to a rear-mounted engine took form, in spite of the higher development costs it entailed. Positioning the engine at the rear is a significant plus for a small city car since it frees up the front end and considerably improves the turning circle. Combined with the use of a smaller block and the positioning of the wheels at the car’s extreme corners, the rear-mounted engine also frees up extra cabin space.

Renault Twingo  side + rear

“What about the interior” you ask? Oh, that won’t be unveiled until the 4th of March at the Geneve Motor Show. All we’d say, it’s probably just as lively as the exterior…

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