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The H3 has been available in the UAE for around five years now, and although the latest model doesn’t look any different to the early cars, there is something interesting about the 2010 version – well one of them anyway.

It’s the H3 Alpha and the Alpha nomenclature means that instead of the underpowered 3.7-litre inline five-cylinder engine that causes the H3 to struggle off road, there’s now a V8 under that big bonnet.

And it’s a rather big engine measuring in at a rather hefty 5.3-litres. Though even with all that cubic capacity, power isn’t massive – there’s 300bhp and 434Nm on offer. Those figures are much better than the base model’s 3.7-litre, but are some way behind what European SUVs can offer with such large engines.

Nevertheless, the hike in power gives the Hummer H3 plenty of performance to tackle obstacles on and off road. The H3 has leaf-spring suspension, which gives it decent abilities in seriously tricky conditions, though is at a detriment to on-road comfort. The H3 is much more at home in the desert than it is on the motorway.

The low-revving nature and decent amount of low-end torque offered by the V8 does make the H3 a pretty good tow-car, therefore if you regularly take ATVs or motorcycles out on a trailer, the H3 could be well-suited for the job. For those looking for something a little more practical, there also is a pickup version – the H3T – on offer. All H3s come with a four-speed automatic gearbox sending power to all four wheels.

Despite its size, the H3 is rather cramped inside (it only seats five at a pinch) and the fit and finish is below par compared to its rivals such as Toyota’s FJ Cruiser.

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  1. Fardeen Khan Reply

    July 23, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Very good post. Hummer H3 has got decent looks with neat finish and great pick up. Sharing my personal experience – Most of the time i find people giving a definite glare at my car.

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