Sudden death for Hummer

Posted on Feb 28, 2010 by

No way forward for

The Hummer brand looks to be finally dead after a planned deal by General Motors to sell the brand failed.

Last year, when GM announced that it had struck a $150 million deal to sell the beleaguered brand to China-based Sichuan Tengzhong, employees and fans of the big American SUV brand heaved a sigh of relief.

But last week GM announced that the deal with the Chinese company had hit an insurmountable roadblock, which reports suggest could be because of the Chinese government. As a result GM is pulling the plug on the iconic Hummer brand, which had in the recent past received a lot of flak for being an excessive automobile not in tune with today’s environmental concerns.

GM will begin winding down Hummer operations and is looking for offers for its assets. The company has however confirmed that it would continue to service and provide parts for existing Hummer owners.

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