Hummer & GMC On GM’s Chopping Block?

Posted on Jul 24, 2009 by

With brand almost
destined to go under the hammer soon, General Motors (GM) is looking
to trim its portfolio further by axing another brand! It is widely rumoured
that the newest one to get the axe will be the brand of SUV’s
and trucks.

Although there are other
contenders like the Pontiac and the Buick in the line of fire, GMC
seem to make the most sense as it has no unique products and only
offers rebadged trucks and SUVs.

Coming back to the iconic
Hummer brand, although GM claims that its still under “strategic
review”, its very likely that they have already made a decision on
the brand. GM has already canceled the Hummer H3 GMT-700 program and
put its H4 program on life support until Hummer’s new owners take
over. What’s next? Saab…?






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