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The Punto was ’s best ever competitor in the hotly contested supermini segment. But lack of sustained development through the years and the competition upping its game has seen this car fall into the also-rans. The most basic models look great, the neat detailing carried through to one of ’s neatest interiors.

is no longer sold in the Middle East

The Fiat Punto has a very roomy cabin for a small car and five person journeys are relatively comfortable. However some passengers may complain about the hardness of the ride over bumpier roads and the tight suspension also produces noticeable road noise. An adjustable seat height ensures a comfortable driving posture and helps to give the Punto fine all round visibility. Storage space has been well planned for the cabin and the Punto comes with a very roomy boot and split rear seats. It is also equipped with power steering and the helpful Dualdrive system, which allows the steering to be lightened for parking and low speed metro driving.

As available here, the Punto comes with a 1.2-litre, twin overhead cam, 4-valve per cylinder engine that gives out a decent 80 bhp. An 8-valve engine of the same capacity is also offered and this makes 60 bhp. Manual and automatic gearboxes can be specified as desired. The Punto’s gearbox and controls are uncomplicated and well positioned. As might be anticipated for an Italian design, the Punto offers a sporty ride with first-rate cornering capacity and a hard suspension for good feel.

The Fiat Punto is a safe and solid vehicle, recording the best NCAP result amongst its peer group. Driver and passenger airbags are fitted to all models, side and roof airbags come as extras. ABS is also fitted to all but the most basic models.

Refined and full of character, the Punto brings flair to the supermini range with its substantial trim and classy dashboard and controls. The sad part is that the Punto has been around these parts for some time now and to do well in a marketplace teeming with younger, fresh superminis seems like a Herculean task for a one-model brand in the Middle East.

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