Wedding bells in a Hummer H3 SUT

Posted on Oct 19, 2006 by

It can only happen in the USA. A couple is getting married… in their !

According to General Motors, Team Hummer’s captain Rod Hall will preside over the nuptials of a pair of off-roading enthusiasts in Reno on June 22. Sonya Jefferson and Steve Spencer — both Hummer owners — are getting hitched in a brand-themed extravaganza that includes a ceremony where the two are to be wed standing in the beds of two trucks. Did we mention they’ll have a three-dimensional SUV-shaped cake, open a Hummer-shaped present, and then head out in their formal wedding finery for an off-roading trek with more than 100 other Hummer owners?

If that’s not enough, Captain Hummer (Hall) will marry the two while wearing his branded racing suit.




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