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2018 Honda Jazz
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Review Summary:

It's a fun little car to drive and is immensely practical, but is let down by lack of equipment. The game as moved on...


Driving dynamics, exterior styling, practicality.


Under-equipped for the price.

2018 Honda Jazz


After a brief hiatus, Honda’s car is back, however, the bang isn’t quite as pronounced as we expected. The all-new 2018 looks good, with a particularly aggressive looking front-end with a jutting lower bumper. Add to this the beady headlights and you get a scowling mug that’s kinda likeable on a small car like this. It’s still got the upright, tall-boy look, although it’s not as obvious as the model it replaces. Oh, it also gets new 16-inch alloy wheels. Overall, it looks interesting for its class of car.

2018 Honda Jazz

The cabin is bigger than before, and Honda has managed to free up plenty of space. Rear leg-room is adequate unless you have a six-foot supermodel-esque passenger with endless legs as a front passenger, which, let’s face it, is not an issue most Jazz drivers will encounter. Thanks to clever packaging there are plenty of storage spaces and cubby holes around the cabin, which bodes well for a family car.

The styling of the interior, although improved from over the previous car, is not exactly earth-shattering. There are still hard plastics around and there seems to be a distinct lack of kit, at least in our tester. More on this later…

All in all, it looks good from the outside, but the interior leaves something to be desired.

The drive

This has always been the Jazz’s strong suite. And we are happy to report, it’s still on form with the latest model. It gets a 1.5-litre, four-cylinder, direct injection i-VTEC engine paired with a CVT, which means the gearbox saps some  fun out of progress. However, chuck it into a corner and it responds relatively enthusiastically to your inputs. Developing 130 horsepower @ 6,600rpm and 155Nm of torque from 4,600rpm, the engine isn’t the peppiest, but given the low mass of the car, progress isn’t tardy.

2018 Honda Jazz

Ride quality is fine, but wind noise is more than you would expect, and on a highway cruise, the gearbox does drone a bit. Dynamically, however, it is not as vapid as, say an equivalent Kia or a Toyota. It’s a pity it’s not available with the manual gearbox here, which is the one we would have if budget was a consideration and we were looking for a fun-to-drive city car.

2018 Honda Jazz

The tech

This is a bit of an issue. There isn’t enough kit in here, given the Jazz’s relatively lofty starting price of AED63,900 including VAT. Our tester lacked sat-nav, automatic headlights and a reversing camera. While it may seem we’re being unreasonably demanding, similarly priced cars from Kia and Hyundai pack much more in terms of kit.

You do get two standard airbags, but there is a clear lack of equipment in the Jazz, which puts it on a backfoot compared to its rivals.

The trims

The 2018 Honda Jazz is currently available in a single trim, which falls short in terms of kit (if we haven’t said it enough time already), even though it claws back some territory when it comes to the driving experience.

2018 Honda Jazz


The 2018 Honda Jazz is one of the better cars to drive in its class. However, the comeback hasn’t been as swashbuckling as we’d hoped. Buyers in this segment will happily trade cornering grip for cameras and that’s where the Jazz disappoints. Don’t get us wrong, it is not a bad car at all, but it is too pricey for what it is. If you want a better-kitted car, we’d recommend something Korean. However, if it’s driving chops and practicality you’re after, this is the car for you. Or a Mazda 3…

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