Long Term Test — 2017 Honda CR-V

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Week 6: It’s time to bid goodbye to our long-term 2017 Honda CR-V and while it is pretty  capable and reliable, there are some drawbacks. Text and Images: Amit Benjamin 

2017 Honda CR-V long-term

Over the past six weeks our long-term 2017 Honda CR-V hasn’t put a foot wrong when it comes to everyday usability and reliability. It’s comfortable, reasonably spacious and surprisingly frugal for what it is. It drives well and almost feels like a sedan on the move. In fact, during the period of this long-term, I tested a Volvo XC60 and that was more roly-poly around the corners than the CR-V. And that costs more than twice as much. So, nice job .

As I mentioned in my earlier reports I do not like the styling due to its fake aero-inspired cues. The vents on the front bumper are, for instance, not actually vents but mere design bits meant to ape them. It’s akin to spray painting an eight pack on on your gut and heading to the beach hoping to attract attention. Which you would, but for the wrong reasons. Other drawbacks? The sat-nav has a mind of its own and some safety features seems obtusely lopsided.

2017 Honda CR-V long-term

Overall though, having spent over six weeks with the CR-V, I really can’t fault its day-to-day usability; it does everything you would expect from a car of this sort and I’d imagine it would give its owner years of hassle-free motoring. Would I buy one? It would probably not be my first choice, and this is due to a recent observation: the CX-5 looks rather good and going by my experience of driving recent Mazdas, it’s probably a decent steer, too.

That said, I would not hesitate in recommending the 2017 to anyone looking for a safe, reliable, economical family crossover. It represents good value even at AED120,000 in our tester’s Touring guise. Give it a try, you might like it.

Date acquired: 15/1/2018
Total mileage: 7,997
Mileage this week: 620
Costs this week: Fuel
Average fuel consumption: 8.5 litres per 100km


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