Mercedes launches four-door AMG GT that is actually a CLS

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After months of hype, the new GT 4-Door Coupé super-saloon isn’t actually based on the two-door GT sports car. Yes, we know, weird…

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Mercedes has been hyping and teasing and ‘leaking’ news of its new four-door supercar for a while now, and everyone naturally thought that the Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé would be a stretched out AMG GT sports car.

Instead, we merely got another Mercedes CLS, because the GT 4-Door Coupé actually has nothing to do with the two-door GT. A bit of explaining is necessary here — you see, the GT has an engine situated well behind the front axle and it has its transmission at the back, a transaxle, for optimum weight distribution.

mercedes amg gt geneva 2018 1

The GT saloon that’s just been launched at the this week, however, has neither of that. So what’s happened here, rather bizarrely, is that Mercedes has just launched another CLS. Considering they do over 40 models now, is it possible that the Germans simply forgot they already have a CLS and that they don’t actually need another identical car?

Anyway, the Mercedes-AMG GT 4‑Door Coupé is now a thing, and customers will be able to choose between a straight-six cylinder model rated at 435 horsepower, as well as a full-blown twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 range-topper producing a whopping 639 horsepower.

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The nearly identical CLS meanwhile, serves up merely 360 horsepower, so you could consider the AMG GT 4-Door Coupé as a CLS AMG, but with a different name. Confusing and unnecessary, yes, but there you have it.

The top model accelerates from zero to 100km/h in just 3.2 seconds, and tops out at 315km/h, and there are plenty of tricks on board such as an AMG chassis and adaptive suspension, four-wheel drive including a drift mode that decouples the front axle, as well as a limited-slip differential.

mercedes amg gt geneva 2018 1

So next time you walk into a Mercedes showroom don’t get confused by two seemingly identical looking cars competing with each other internally, because poor Mercedes don’t seem to understand what they’re doing either.

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