Toyota teases with a new Supra racing concept

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No, you’re not getting the new Supra just yet, because over at the this week all the Japanese brought over was yet another concept car…

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The Japanese have been teasing us with talk of a revival for years now, and all eyes were on the Geneva motor show this week because of a rumored possibility that we might finally see a production version of the car.

It wasn’t to be, and Toyota merely brought along a racing car, and a concept of a racing car at that, too. Boo, Toyota, boo…

toyota supra geneva 2018 2

Anyway, the Supra revival is still on track, it’s just that we’ll all have to be even more patient than before, although the signs so far point to a good reason do so.

The Toyota GR Supra Racing concept (GR stands for Gazoo Racing, the company’s motorsport arm) is a fairly compact looking, front-engined, rear-wheel drive sports car that makes generous use of lightweight materials, and will make its driving ‘debut’ in the next Gran Turismo Sport video game update in the virtual world.

toyota supra geneva 2018 2

Toyota isn’t giving anything concrete away yet, and we still don’t even know for sure what’s under the bonnet although considering this car is being developed in conjunction with BMW as a Supra partner, it’s safe to expect a six-cylinder turbocharged power plant, and absolutely no manual gearbox.

There is little point talking about the chassis either, because the racing concept features a lowered suspension and BBS racing wheels wrapped in Micheling racing tyres, with some brembo racing brakes in there for good measure. Inside there’s more track inspired stuff like a full roll cage, telemetry display, fixed bucket seat and harness.

toyota supra geneva 2018 2

If it helps you to visualise what we’re on about here, the GR Supra Racing concept is a a bit longer than something like a Jaguar F-Type, but wider and lower, with a shorter wheelbase. And that’s about all we know so far, so you’ll just have to twiddle your thumbs for a while longer while Toyota finally gets around to putting this thing back on the public road…

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