Volkswagen embraces autonomy with ID Vizzion concept

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Just unveiled at the , the new ID Vizzion doesn’t have any pedals, a dashboard, a driver’s seat, or a steering wheel. So, what’s it doing on a car website, then? Um…

volkswagen id vizzion ceoncept geneva 1

In a panic to rush a bunch of electric vehicles to market, traditional car manufacturers are cutting corners. Namely, they are developing EVs on combustion-engined platforms, making compromises everywhere to convert traditional cars to zero-emissions cars.

decided to rather take its time, and develop a dedicated EV architecture for its line of upcoming zero-emissions cars. And so the new ID Vizzion, besides the stupidly spelt name, has a lot going for it.

volkswagen id vizzion ceoncept geneva 1

Just unveiled at the Geneva motor show, the car is supposed to represent a next generation of VW saloons previewing Level 5 autonomy features and dreaming of the year 2030.

Consequently, there is no driver’s seat, because there is no driver. There are also no foot pedals, no dashboard, and no steering wheel. Needless to say this frees up loads of space in the ID Vizzion, not only for passengers and their comfort, but also because the thing needs plenty of room for the myriad radars, lasers, sensors and gizmos necessary to drive the car autonomously.

volkswagen id vizzion ceoncept geneva 1

With batteries and electric motors, the ID Vizzion drives all four wheels, not that you’d care because you aren’t driving. Anyway, there’s also about 300 horsepower and a driving range of over 660km, which means you can sit in there and check up on your social media likes for a long, long time.

Top speed is 180km/h, as per Level 5 governing, and the thing will do zero to 100km/h in 6.3 seconds.

Otherwise, yeah, you’re looking at a 5.1-metre long saloon in ‘Baladi Orange’ and we’re sure it’ll do very well going up against other wheeled pods from Hyundai and Honda come 2030.

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