Range Rover SV Coupé shames every other luxury SUV

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So you thought the Bentley Bentayga was good looking? The new Mercedes-AMG G63? That Lamborghini Urus? Oh please… If you want to see beautiful, take a look at the new SV Coupé

range rover sv coupe geneva 2018 1

Boy, those vulgar Bentaygas, Uruses, and X6s must be feeling low now. Their tackiness and excessive kitsch has just been further highlighted by the disapproving elegance, and simplicity of the new Range Rover SV Coupé, which has just been unveiled at the .

Created by Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house Special Vehicle Operations team, this car will be limited in production to 999 examples, and pretty much all of them have been spoken for, with something like 15 percent destined for our Middle East region.

range rover sv coupe geneva 2018 1

Naturally personalisation will be the name of the game, and budding owners will be able to pick and choose from a vast range of colours, finishes, materials, and details. Want your initials on the headrests, or perhaps a family crest, or maybe Superman’s logo? Anything goes, though, seeing how people spec their Rolls-Royces and Bentleys around here, hopefully not anything goes…

Anyway, this two-door Range Rover has been a long time coming, and signals the beginning of SVO as a sort of standalone brand that’s able to hand-craft limited edition vehicles to the wishes of the one-percenters.

range rover sv coupe geneva 2018 1

Powered by a supercharged V8 engine, the SV Coupé makes 560 horsepower and 700Nm of torque from 5.0 liters of capacity, and goes on to a top speed of 266km/h. Being a bit longer than the standard car hasn’t hurt it one bit – it’ll do zero to 100km/h in five seconds in utmost style. Oh, and also, 23-inch wheels…

Needless to say if you’ve already fallen in love with this thing it’s too late, but if it makes you feel any better it’s probably way out of your price range anyway. Oh well, there’s always the Suzuki Jimny for those looking for that budget two-door-SUV experience.

range rover sv coupe geneva 2018 1

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