New Chiron Sport is Bugatti’s perverted idea of a lightweight special

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Weighing in at two tonnes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the new ‘lightweight’ Sport for those of you who aren’t satisfied with the base model – get in line and bring $3.7 million…

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The new Bugatti Chiron Sport has made its global debut at the motor show this week, and to quite aplomb.

For starters, it saves a whopping 18kg over the standard car, which means the Sport model now weighs merely as much as an oil tanker instead of a planetary satellite. Not that that’s stopping it – with 1,500 horsepower (same as stock) it laps the company’s (well, Volkswagen’s…) Nardo test track five seconds quicker than the puny base car.

bugatti chiron sport geneva 2018 1

If you need help telling them apart, you’ll be able to distinguish the Sport model by its new wheels and four exhaust tail pipes, as well as the carbon fibre windscreen wipers. Coincidentally, the first carbon fibre wipers ever fitted to a production car, and precisely 77 per cent lighter than regular old wipers which means they save 1.4kg.

bugatti chiron sport geneva 2018 1

Bugatti engineers additionally stiffened up the suspension by 10 per cent to increase cornering speeds, and the rear differential has also been fettled with to do its thing more effectively.

In order to shed the 18 kilos, Molsheim’s finest then had to fit a carbon fibre stabiliser bar, and a lightweight rear glass window, while those new wheels add up to save the most weight.

bugatti chiron sport geneva 2018 1

Inside the car, the started button and a bunch of details are now finished in black in the Chiron Sport, and in case you need another reminder there is also a big, red number 16 adorning the grille, which refers to the 16-cylinder engine, quad-turbocharged and displacing 8.0 litres.

Finally, at 3.7 million US dollars, the new Bugatti Chiron Sport only costs a million more than a stock Chiron so this is really a no-brainer. That means you’re paying just $55,000 per kilogram saved. Bloody bargain.

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