Bentley launches hybrid Bentayga SUV

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After releasing the twelve- and eight-cylinder Bentayga SUVs, goes down a notch and launches a Bentayga Hybrid with a 3.0-litre V6 and electric motor

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In case you’re feeling the pinch at the pumps with your 12-cylinder or V8-engined , Crewe now has a budget-conscious solution in the form of the new Bentayga Hybrid.

Launched at the motor show this week, Bentley’s latest SUV comes with a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 combined with an electric motor although the Brits aren’t saying anything about the performance specifications.

However considering that Bentley’s cousin Porsche (both fall under the Volkswagen Group) has a similar powertrain worth over 450 horsepower, what you’ve got there is a clue as to what the Bentayga Hybrid will be able to do once it goes on sale.

bentley bentayga hybrid geneva 2018 1

Otherwise Bentley says the Bentayga Hybrid is able to do an “impressive” 50km whizzing about in zero-emissions mode, and then you can charge it up fully in 7.5 hours using a regular household socket. So you’d better find something to do to pass all that time – maybe you could alphabetise your collection of human heads or something, by surname.

Bentley hasn’t released any prices either, but it’s safe to assume it won’t be cheap. Customers have the choice of seven wood veneers for the interior, 22-way adjustable seats, four or five-seater variations, and 15 standard leather colours including two-tone finishes.

bentley bentayga hybrid geneva 2018 1

Additionally driver assist technologies on-board include adaptive cruise control, a bunch of recognition systems, as well as a parking assist system which can park this behemoth for you either perpendicularly or into a parallel parking spot.

And if you think there’s shame in driving around in a puny six cylinder Bentley, don’t worry because Crewe has thoughtfully omitted any V6 badges. 

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