Aston Martin reveals zero-emissions Lagonda concept

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Gaydon says this new all-electric Lagonda Vision concept just unveiled in Geneva will reach production by 2023, and possibly even as soon as 2021

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When did the Lagonda Taraf for the discerning Middle East customers, the brand said more was possible in the future.

Now at the that more has been announced. Aston Martin’s Lagonda brand is actually announcing two new models by the year 2023, and in Switzerland we just got the first glimpse of one of those potential cars.

The Vision concept car is just that for now, a concept, but the design language is supposed to closely resemble whatever it is that’s coming next.  

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What’s more, Aston Martin says this will be exclusively driven by a zero-emissions powertrain, so don’t expect any V12 or V8 twin-turbocharged goodness from Gaydon’s partner Mercedes-AMG in this thing.

Obviously there is an SUV also in the works, but if we stick to the Lagonda Vision concept we’re looking at a car designed from inside out, rather than the other way around. This is because there is no need for cumbersome things like, you know, an engine and things, so occupants will get to enjoy a vast cabin space.

lagonda concept geneva 2018 1Mainly because of this, the folks from Gaydon didn’t even bother talking about performance figures or power levels, because while the Lagonda will certainly be well equipped in those areas, this isn’t what the Vision concept is about.

So if you’re busy asking, “What’s the top speed of this thing?”, it probably isn’t the car for you. Instead you should be asking, “Yes, but, how do I rev the bolts off it in front of the hotel valet so everyone can notice me?”

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