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The Czechs are going all green on us with loads of environmentally-friendly cars scheduled between now and 2025 — one of them will be a production version of this Vision X concept that’s just been revealed at the

skoda vision x concept geneva 1

What was it James Brown sang? This is an ’s world… So there’s little for hatchbacks and sedans to hope for in today’s market. Even Czech manufacturer , a company that’s been around since 1895, released its first ever in 2016 calling the big seven-seater the Kodiaq.

Times are such that a mere two years later Skoda is already contemplating its third ever SUV — the new Vision X is only a concept for now, that’s just been revealed at the Geneva motor show, but the Czechs are seriously contemplating putting the thing into production with hybrid propulsion.

The purpose of the Vision X is quite elementary, if you go by Skoda CEO Bernhard Maier. “With this model we will attract even more customers…”

This car business malarkey, then, is turning out to be pretty simple. Just build SUVs.

skoda vision x concept geneva 1

The latest in Skoda’s line-up is 4,255mm long, 1,807mm wide and 1,537mm tall, putting an eventual production model up against rivals like the Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Qashqai and such. The concept wears 20-inch wheels, a lot of LEDs, and an interior that promises to deliver on the hallmarks of the Skoda brand, this being loads of passenger space and cargo room.

One of the main highlights is the hybrid powertrain, which combines a 1.5-litre compressed natural gas engine working in tandem with two electric motors, one driving the rear axle for all-wheel drive capability. All in all the thing will do 650km to a tank of gas, reach 100km/h from zero in 9.3 seconds, and go on to a top speed of 200km/h. In short, very rational. Very Skoda.

And the Czechs really have thought of it all – if you do manage to run out of fuel, or gas, or electricity in the Vision X, Skoda provides a special anchoring system that can hold two skateboards. Thankfully these are electric skateboards, so you can zip on down the road for the ‘last mile’ journey.

Additionally the concept also features a camera drone, that can follow you around and record all your epic skateboarding fails.

Skoda will start electrifying its range of cars from next year, and shorty after the Czechs will follow up with Skoda’s first ever all-electric vehicle. Additionally between now and 2025 you can expect an extensive line-up update with loads of electrification going on across the board. No doubt, SUVs will lead the fray.

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