Ferrari’s new 488 Pista is a road-going race car

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Maranello has released images of the new 488 Pista before the car’s due for its official public premiere at next month’s Geneva motor show — it’s a fast ‘un…

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Well, well, well, if it isn’t the Ferrari 488 Pista — all 720 horsepower of it, and each one going through the rear wheels. That should be fun…

Maranello just released these images of the latest mid-engined masterpiece to head the mid-engined line-up, mere days after Enzo Ferrari’s birthday – the Old Man would be proud. The 488 Pista — quite aptly named, because it means Track —  is the successor to the 360 Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale, which have carved out a reputation as some of the most clinical supercars anywhere, so in short, no pressure…

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Ferrari developed the Pista with direct involvement from the company’s motorsport department that builds the racing cars for the FIA World Endurance Championship, and they’d know a thing or two about making fast track cars — the Scuderia has won five manufacturers’ class titles in six years, taking victories in 29 out of 50 races, which is an incredible 58 percent winning ratio.

Compared to the 488 GTB which it’s based on, the Pista saves 90kg for a kerb weight of less than 1.3-tonnes, or to be prices, 1,280kg. Because that wasn’t enough, the Italians also fiddled with the engine to increase the power by 50bhp to a total of 720 horsepower, which is an incredible 185 horsepower per liter considering the V8 engine displaces 3.9-litres.

ferrari 488 pista 1

Engineering tricks include Inconel exhaust manifolds, a lightweight flat-plane crankshaft, lighter flywheel, titanium con rods, carbon fibre intake plenums, faster turbocharger response and quicker shift times.

To live up to the Pista name, the aerodynamics also got a full rethink so the new car now has 20 percent more downforce than the standard 488 GTB. To handle it all, the 488 Pista comes with Michelin track rubber, magnetorheological suspension, and for the first time ever, something called the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer. This is a computer controlled system that adjusts brake pressure to control yaw angles, and without getting too technical, it’s basically supposed to make even the most ham-fisted of us look like a driving ace behind the wheel.

ferrari 488 pista 1

Put all this together, and the 488 Pista sprints from 0-100km/h in less than 2.9 seconds, and tops out at 340km/h. Zero to 200km/h comes up in 7.6 seconds, which is a scarcely-believable half-a-second quicker than something like a McLaren 720S for example, which needs 8.2 seconds to reach 200km/h from rest.

Get your orders in fast if you want to bag a Ferrari 488 Pista because they’re going fast, and make sure you have at least AED1,000,000 handy. See you on the Beach Road…

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