New 2018 Porsche Cayenne lands in the UAE

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The Germans want to take hold of the performance- market in the Middle East with the all-new third-generation , at least until the Urus from sibling-brand Lamborghini arrives…

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Porsche Centre Dubai and Northern Emirates, Al Nabooda Automobiles, recently launched the all-new third-generation Cayenne SUV at a special event at its Dubai showroom, with prices for the Leipzig lifestyle-wagen starting from AED313,200.

At the car’s initial rollout here Porsche is releasing the Cayenne, Cayenne S, and the Cayenne Turbo which currently heads the line-up, at least until the Germans release the Turbo S E-Hybrid potentially rated at up to 680 horsepower.

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Right now, with the 2018 Porsche Cayenne Turbo wheels and tungsten-carbide coated brakes as standard, we’re afraid you’ll just have to settle for 550 horsepower from the twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine — sarcasm aside, this 2.2-tonne bruiser blitzes from zero to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds and tops out at 286km/h. With 21-inch kit, you’re looking at one of the most performance-minded SUVs available on the road today, and that’s before you venture into Porsche’s dizzying world of optional extras.

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Speaking of which, with the Cayenne Turbo you can have kit such as a rear-wheel steering system  (about AED8,000) and carbon ceramic brakes (about, oh, AED23,000…), and extra equipment like the Burmester sound system (AED17,000), so the model’s starting price of AED580,000 means little to most customers who will cram a hundred grand worth of options on top of that. 

2018 porsche cayenne uae 1

Stepping one rung down the 2018 Cayenne portfolio you will get to the Cayenne S which starts from AED381,300 making this 2.9-litre V6-engined version a lot more accessible to the model’s core buyers. With around 440 horsepower the Cayenne S isn’t short of breath either, sprinting from zero to 100km’h in 5.2 seconds and going on to a maximum speed of 265km/h.

“Since its initial launch, the Cayenne has been one of the most popular models in the UAE, and I have no doubt that the third generation, which offers even more sports car performance and practicality, will continue this success story,” says K Rajaram, Chief Executive Officer of Al Nabooda Automobiles.

Not a statement we are going to contest, given the Cayenne’s stellar sales record thus far.

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