2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class teased, again

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-Benz releases another photo of its forthcoming A-Class ahead of its official reveal at the this March

2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

With Geneva motor show around the corner, manufacturers are dropping teaser images of their impending launches almost every day, and this here is the 2018 .

The original A-Class was a bit of a disaster in the Middle East when it comes to sales, by which we mean it was so undesirable in our market Mercedes didn’t even bother to bring it here.

2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

The current generation A-Class is a different matter, though. It’s a pretty good car, even though the A250 version is a bit lukewarm in terms of performance. But hey, at least it doesn’t trip over its own feet like its predecessors.

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class bears a mug reminiscent of the new CLS, which is a good thing, but the biggest change is in the interior department.

2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

We were never fans of the aftermarket-looking infotainment screen that spouts out of the dashboard of the current car, and while it’s still there in the upcoming A, it runs across nearly half the length of the cabin (12.3 inches to be precise) to form one massive screen that also displays the electronic gauges.

2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Another change is the stubby gear lever, which, at least in the supplied photos, seems shriveled and evokes rather rude mental analogies.

The new A-Class is bigger though. Bigger than its up and coming rivals from BMW and , which is a good thing, as cabin space isn’t the current model’s strong suit.

Naturally, in due course there will be an A45 AMG version of the car, which we reckon will give the Audi’s 400 horsepower feral RS3 a serious hiding. Other changes include a re-engineered seven-speed double-clutch gearbox that boasts quicker shifts.

Could the 2018 Mercedes-Benz A-Class be the next ultimate ? We’ll find out this March.

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