Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept shows its face at 2018 Detroit motor show

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reveals the future of family sedans in ‘Murica… and it’s, er, interesting

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Ladies and gents, welcome to the future of sedans, at least Infiniti’s interpretation thereof. And admittedly, it looks really rather good.

But it’s not merely aesthetics that have our interest piqued, it’s the clever engineering that sits under that skin. Revealed at the in the US of A, the Infiniti Q Inspiration packs a clever turbo engine that delivers the power of bigger lumps, while sipping fuel conservatively. We don’t have any of the numbers yet, so we would have to take Infiniti’s word that they are indeed going to be as head-spinning as suggested.

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Dubbed the VC-Turbo, the variable-geometry four-cylinder petrol engine is ultra-compact, makes packaging a lot more flexible, thereby liberating a ton more space in the cabin, and transmitting power to all four corners

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

The cabin of the Q Inspiration Concept is suitably futuristic, too.  And, it is, very “human centric” and the seats come with “zero gravity” to soothe your brow. The seats get something called “dot-quilting”, which is supposed to provide an air of casual elegance to the interior.

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Besides the PR chatter, there are some other clever boffiny bits, too. Apparently, every occupant has access to their own digital content, and there is unsaid technology that ensures the sound remains separated and does not infringe your co-passenger’s aural boundaries.

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

There are plenty of other promises, such as a flat floor inside the cabin, which magically conceals the driveshaft, as well as a smattering of autonomous technology to ensure crash-less progress. In theory.

In essence, the Q Inspiration Concept is an amazing looking car, and if the promised tech and styling, especially that engine, do filter down to a production vehicle you can call us one happy bunny.

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