Long-Term Test — 2017 Audi A5 40 TFSI – Week 4

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Week 4: Our long-term tester leaves AME HQ. It’s time for the obligatory round-up of how it’s behaved over the past month or so. Text and images: Amit Benjamin

Audi A5 long-term

After more than four weeks of humble service our long-term A5 40 TFSI S line — to give it its full title — is headed back to the good folk at Middle East. It has been unerring during the loan period, apart from its fidgety ride quality — it really isn’t that great. The suspension confuses the most depressingly pummeled speed humps for topographical monstrosities. Oh, and there is turbo lag. Especially, in ‘D’ with Sports mode disengaged. And that concludes my whinge, because the turbo lag is indeed liveable when you relieve the software of gear shifting duties.

It is also surprisingly well priced for what it is — a premium German coupe with an economical engine, plenty of standard kit and a cabin that is supremely well put together. Even in S line guise our tester costs just over AED 200,000 . Although the cosmetic additions make the car look good, it is something you could potentially do without. At under AED 190,000 in base trim, then, it’s a proper bargain. In fact, as I may have mentioned earlier, it’s beyond me why anyone would buy something else for that money.

Audi A5 long-term

Another big tick in favour of the A5 is its fuel economy. Over the weeks I’ve had it, and despite driving everywhere in Dynamic mode to quell turbo lag, fuel economy was rather agreeable at under 9.0 litres per 100km.  The revised styling is much more striking, too, without being ostentatious. I quite like the new Audi Matrix headlight and taillight detailing as well.

When it comes to exterior finish, the A5’s design seems to lend itself well to lighter shades. The details shine through much better in our Daytona Grey tester than more solid hues (I can confirm that because one of my neighours has just bought one in Navarra Blue, and it appears featureless in most lighting conditions).

If you’re planning to purchase a for under AED 200K, you’d do well to give the new Audi A5 a spin. Thank me later.

The stats:

Date acquired: 30/10/
Total mileage: 13,950
Mileage this week: 450
Costs this week: Fuel
Average fuel consumption: 8.3 litres per 100km

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