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Before the car is due for its official world premiere at the this month, we get a look at the new -Benz G-Class and guess what, they ain’t fixing what ain’t broken…

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Well, it only took them four decades but Mercedes-Benz is finally ready for the world premiere of the second-generation G-Class.

The iconic Geländewagen has leaked out all over the internet before it’s due for an official reveal, and if you were expecting a revolution you’re in for a disappointment, but most of you will probably be happy to learn that Mercedes didn’t try to fix what ain’t broken.

When it was first launched in 1979 the G-Class hit the dirt roads designed with military application in mind, which is why it endured all these years with minimal design changes. Now for the 2019 model – due out just in time to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G – Mercedes stylists merely rounded out the edges a little to still keep the icon instantly recognizable, while the engineers take account for most of the changes that take place under the new skin.

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First off, the G-Class isn’t softening up any of its legendary off-roading capability, even if Mercedes has brought it up to date with fully independent suspension all around instead of live-axles meant for rough terrain advantage. Other than that, it’s still a robust ladder-frame chassis, with three locking differentials, 241mm of ground clearance, a maximum water fording depth of 700mm (a Range Rover is still king here with a limit of 900mm), and a 31-degree angle of approach with a 30-degree angle of departure, which is pretty decent.

The new car will also debut a new G-Mode designed to encourage your off-road driving prowess, by automatically adjusting damping, steering, and throttle characteristics and avoiding unnecessary gear shifts. Speaking of which, the shifts are courtesy of a new nine-speed automatic transmission, by default splitting torque 40:60 favoring the rear axle.

mercedes g-class 2018 2019 1

Otherwise, helping out further on the trail, or the shopping mall car park, is a 360-degree bird’s-eye view camera, along with three further cameras, and a full HD screen to show you the obstacles around the vehicle.

The new will be officially revealed at the Detroit motor show starting January 14, before it goes on sale in our region later this year.

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