Long-Term Test — 2017 Audi A5 40 TFSI – Week 3

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Week 3: Despite a couple of niggles and a choppy ride quality, the 40 TFSi is proving to be good value for money over our long-term test. Text and images: Amit Benjamin

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Even by Neptunean calendar it has been substantially more than a week since I updated the progress with our long-term Audi A5. However, this has given me plenty of time to fully assess what the Ingolstadt is like to live with on an extended basis. Well, that’s my excuse anyway.

Fuel economy, as stated in the previous report is still astounding; it’s still firmly under the 9.0 litre per 100km mark, which is good showing, considering an Audi Q2 I drove recently struggled to deliver efficiency even close to that.

The ride quality is decidedly way too choppy for my liking and it bounces and bobs excessively over speed humps and badly rutted surfaces. That said, it is still a fantastic place to be in. And I quite like the styling, too.

In profile it’s not fussy, however, plenty of crisp design details abound. I like the new larger grille, which combined with the sharper headlights graphics gives the A5 a pretty mean looking maw. Overall, it’s a rather handsome car, especially with the optional S line kit our tester sports.

audi 15 long term 1

There are some annoyances though. The sat-nav is a little, er, let’s say, Germanic. The sat-nav voice, for starters, is pretty stern, and it does not take lightly you making a wrong turn and will doggedly remind you to get back on the set route way too many times. It doesn’t help that some of the areas on the map aren’t up to date, so while I could see my destination and a direct path to it, Herr Sat Nav was not convinced and refused to sway from the planned route.

Apart from that, there really is little else to complain about. If you are in the market for a coupe at around the AED200,000 mark, you should give the A5 serious consideration. As an everyday two-door, there are few vehicles that come close to delivering what it does at under AED188,000.

The stats:

Date acquired: 30/10/
Total mileage: 13,500
Mileage this week: 1,903
Costs this week: Fuel
Average fuel consumption: 8.8 litres per 100km

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