New MG RX5 arrives in the region

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Chinese manufacturer is going after the Koreans in the budget-conscious segment with the new set to be revealed in Saudi Arabia

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Chinese manufacturer MG has just released the new RX5 model for sale in the Middle East with the ’s official regional debut scheduled for next week at the Riyadh motor show.

Also badged as a Roewe in select markets, the MG RX5 is coming to the Middle East entering the compact crossover segment which is filled choc-a-bloc with competitive rivals from just about every manufacturer, be they Asian, European, or American.

With the lowest price of all its rivals the MG RX5 is expected to undercut them all, while still offering ‘luxuries’ such as LED headlights.

2018 mg rx5 1

Power in the MX RX5 will be limited to a choice of two power plants, with the base model getting by with a 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and the highlights being a 2.0-litre turbocharged four.

The RX5 first surfaced last year so it’s Roewe/MG’s latest all-new model on the roads, and in its domestic market, China, the car is also available as a hybrid variant which won’t be offered in our region for the meantime.

Compared to something like, say, a Kia Sportage, the MG RX5 has a longer wheelbase, and is longer, taller and wider overall too, but according to the maker, it’s slightly lighter too.

We expect the car to cost in the range of AED50,000 if its to do viable battle with the value-rich Koreans like Kia and Hyundai.

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