McLaren honours Ayrton Senna with 2018 supercar

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Woking manufacturer has stunned the auto world with a 789-horsepower honouring late Brazilian three-time Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna

2018 mclaren senna 1

With the limits constantly being stretched in the supercar world particularly with electrification fast arriving, McLaren couldn’t afford to stand still with consecutive record sales years, and the Woking company certainly didn’t hold back with its latest supercar named after late Brazilian three-time Formula 1 world champion Ayrton Senna who won all his titles behind the wheel of a McLaren.

2018 mclaren senna 1Weighing in at just 1,198kg the is the lightweight champ in the segment, and the lightest road car form the company since Gordon Murray’s 1992 F1. With a mid-mounted 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8, it develops 789 horsepower and 800Nm of torque, which makes for a power-to-weight ratio of nearly 660 horsepower per tonne.

As the purest track-ready McLaren yet, the carbon fibre chassis comes wrapped in what you could perhaps call function-over-form bodywork.

2018 mclaren senna 1

Due to the advances in front active aerodynamics with a massive splitter employed to channel air to the rear diffuser, the car has a huge front overhang and in profile at least, looks awkward with quite unconventional proportions.

The rest is all drama with transparent door panels, hydraulically activated rear carbon fibre wing, and plenty of contrasting exposed carbon fibre panels. For McLaren’s most powerful road car engine ever, Woking’s engineers went with a dry sump and flat-plane crankshaft, and a roof-mounted snorkel to add to the aural histrionics.

2018 mclaren senna 1

McLaren will hand-build each Senna in Woking from later next year and provided you hurry up to reserve one of the limited-to-500 units worldwide and bring along a million dollars, or nearly AED3.7 million, you can have one too. If they weren’t all sold out.

2018 mclaren senna 1

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