Hello, Mitsubishi Evolution XI, is that you?

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At the this week launched a high-performance, all-wheel drive, all- crossover they call the e-Evolution — what’s the deal?

tokyo mitsubishi evolution concept

Did you know that Mitsubishi is celebrating its 100th anniversary? No, and neither did Mitsubishi, because the Japanese only remembered to start going on about it now

Maybe in all the confusion they forgot what the badge meant also. After the 10 generations of the iconic nameplate, starting with the 1992 original and going on to the Lancer Evolution X that went out of production in 2016, Mitsubishi revealed a new ‘Evolution’ at the Tokyo motor show this week that somewhat strays from the whole rallying philosophy of lots of opposite lock and turbo whistles.

tokyo mitsubishi evolution concept

As per the company’s new global strategy the Mitsubishi e-Evolution unveiled in Tokyo is more of a technical prototype rather than any direct hint of an upcoming production car, not to mention it has nothing do with an Evolution XI if there were still any enthusiasts out there in doubt.

This crossover features Mitsubishi’s family face they call the Dynamic Shield, but in this instance the black grille is behind a glass cover, accentuated of course by blue lines ubiquitous with every or hybrid. Cameras and sensors are also housed behind the glass, systems that give the e-Evolution zero emissions and driverless capabilities.

tokyo mitsubishi evolution concept

Since it’s got an ideally positioned electric drivetrain with batteries and motors mounted down low, the e-Evolution crossover has pleasing proportions with short overhangs, wide hips and pretty beefy tyres to go with the all-wheel drive.

Designers say they took inspiration from the venerable Pajero at the back, by leaving the spare tyre located on the tailgate and finishing off the design. Mitsubishi also says the C-pillar draws in air which exits either side of the rear bumper to improve aerodynamics, which sounds neat.

Inside the car, the e-Evolution is spacious thanks to there being no need for an engine firewall, and the dash is basically a large full-width flat screen, flanked by two smaller screens that act like exterior mirrors, only via cameras and videos.

tokyo mitsubishi evolution concept

Mitsubishi says the e-Evolution is a high-performance crossover, but doesn’t disclose power, however the thing does at least come with torque-vectoring Active Yaw Control like the old, proper Evolution, as well as new brakes featuring electric callipers instead of conventional hydraulic ones.

As for the car’s AI system, drivers of future Mitsubishis will apparently have coaching available to them in their own vehicle, with an AI that can build a picture of your ability and construct a driver training program for you — it would only be right to get Tommi Mäkinen to voice it.

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