Stunning new Mazda Kai concept car

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Hiroshima-based is punching above its weight in design and engineering with two new concepts at the previewing future production cars

mazda kai concept tokyo

Mazda Kai concept looks pretty neat

Among all the electric driverless metal at the Tokyo motor show taking place in Japan right now, Mazda, only the sixth-best selling car manufacturer in its home country, is flying the enthusiast flag with a pair of stunning future cars on display and a new theme committed for by company president Masamichi Kogai: ‘Celebrate Driving’.

The central theme is split between pure forms and traditional functions, as in good looking cars with clever internal-combustion engines… Mazda’s Kodo design language with the slightly queasy tag line ‘Soul of Motion’, has evolved to the point of making the Italians look staid, and from a technical standpoint Mazda’s upcoming cars will feature the first production compression-spark petrol engines in the world. Everyone loves an underdog and lil’ Mazda from Hiroshima is punching high.

mazda kai concept tokyo

Mazda Vision Coupe concept is Mazda’s take on a swoopy sedan

The Vision Coupe, for example, looks like a swoopy sedan that should line up with Astons and Jags, although it’s merely a styling study previewing the next generation . Designers keep parroting ‘one motion’ when referencing the clean profile and you won’t find any pointless creases or decorations on this thing, just one gorgeous fastback sedan. If you note the interior, you’ll notice Mazda put absolute precedence on the driver, with perfect placing of the stubby gear shifter high up, and a completely round steering wheel with a thin rim and small airbag cluster, free of any lumps and stupid squared-off bottoms. The simplicity carries on in the instrument cluster with a central tachometer flanked by two additional gauges, and that’s it. It’s like a Honda S2000 in 2018.

mazda kai concept tokyo

The Mazda Kai hatchback concept is even better because it’s supposed to fairly represent the next-generation five-door compact, and it looks like it should have at least an Alfa badge on it. The Kai ushers in a new look for Mazda’s compacts, featuring that hallmark driver-focussed interior and the trick Skyactiv-X engine all in a next-generation vehicle architecture.

mazda kai concept tokyo

Unveiling the cars in Toky, Kogai said: “Our exhibits focus on our quest to perfect the internal combustion engine.” There was no talk of rotary development however as rumors continue to brew over an RX-7 sports car revival.

“This Mazda Kai concept herald a new generation of cars and demonstrates our commitment to continue making cars that offer true driving pleasure,” Kogai said. “We want to spoil customers with cars that always exceed their expectations.”

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