Light is right: the new 911 Carrera T is the purist’s Porsche

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Zuffenhausen is resurrecting the 1968 911T model in spirit exactly 50 years later with the new 91 Carrera T entry-level model — no radio, no sat-nav, no all-wheel drive, just driving purity from the cheapest 911 in the line-up…

2018 porsche 911 carrera t 3

In the late 60s Porsche started figuring out that the 911 would need variations of its rear-engined formula in order to ensure longevity and steady sales. Way before the water-cooled stuff, before all the Made-in-Slovakia SUVs and the sedans, Porsche knew that niches equal success.

So in 1968 the 911T was launched, for ‘Touring’, as the entry-level model with a price about a tenth cheaper than the next 911 up the ladder. The 911T had less power form its 2.0-litre flat-six and a different transmission, and weaker performance, but as the base car it brought the Porsche brand closer to more enthusiasts and together with the four-cylinder 912 helped future cheap Porsches gain widespread acceptance, such as the 914 VW-special.

Now 50 years later just in time for the model year Zuffenhausen is repeating the trick, by chucking all the non-essentials out of the cheapest 911 Carrera to make an even cheaper 911 Carrera T.

2018 porsche 911 carrera t 3While prices are yet to be announced in our region, the 2018 911 Carrera T will be notably cheaper than a Carrera, and as you can see from the images, part of the appeal is a giant, gaping hole in the dash.

All in the name of purity and simplicity, to evoke that 1968 911T, the Carrera T launches with less weight, slower transmission ratios, stubbier gear lever, exclusively rear-wheel drive with a limited slip differential, and seats covered in a fabric called Sport-Tex. Oh, and as you’ve noticed the hole, you don’t get a radio or satellite navigation or any of that nonsense.

The 911 Carrera T is meant purely for driving, with the same 370bhp and 450Nm of torque as its donor from the 3.0-litre turbocharged flat-six. Thanks to an improved power to weight ratio however, of 3.85kg for each horsepower, the Carrera T sprint from zero to 100km/h one tenth kicker than a mere Carrera, with a sprint time of 4.5 seconds. Although it comes with a six-speed manual transmission, you can defeat the purpose by speccing the heavier double-clutch automatic and cut the 0-100km/h further down to 4.2 seconds. Either way, top speed is 290km/h, compared to the Carrera’s 293km/h.

2018 porsche 911 carrera t 3

Another key aspect of the Carrera T is the Porsche Active Suspension Management trickery as standard (which you can’t have on a 911 Carrera non-T) which lowers the ride height by 20mm, as well as the Sports Chrono package, and the normally-optional sports exhausts as standard. Just about the only option you do get is the availability of rear-axle steering, but even that seems to go against the spirit of the purist Carrera T.

With other lightweight kit such as pull-loops instead of door handles, and deleted rear seats, the Carrera T weighs in at 1,425kg ready to run, which makes it 20kg lighter than a 911 Carrera with comparable equipment. Besides the badges, you’ll be able to tell one apart from other 911s with its aero-optimized front spoiler, Sport Design mirrors, 20-inch Carrera S wheels, and some graphics with ‘911 Carrera T’ logos.

These are sure to go fast knowing Porsche purists, so if you want one act now because the first cars are coming to the Middle East from March 2018.

2018 porsche 911 carrera t 3

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