General Motors bets big on EVs

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Detroit giant is planning 20 new all- vehicles by the year 2023 as the company pursues a zero-emissions future

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Like everyone else on the market recently, has jumped on board the electric gravy train, but no one brought the gravy.

Even though electric cars aren’t selling nearly enough to justify all-new spin-off brands and nameplates peddling zero-emissions models, GM believes like the rest of the market that the future is electric.

The Detroit giant currently sells about two thousand Bolt EVs a month in the US, which is a fraction of the company’s annual production running into 10 million vehicles a year. Previously the company had delivered just over 100,000 Volt EVs to the US public over a six-year run, which again isn’t a stellar sales result, nor is the fact that GM had to kill off the luxury-electric Cadillac ELR after just three years on the market.

In any case the General is going ahead with it, announcing two new electric vehicles confirmed for release over the next 18 months, before an onslaught of zero-emissions vehicles start coming along — in all GM says there are 20 EVs coming by the year 2023.

The company announced a vision of zero crashes and zero emissions, with GM Exec. VP Mark Reuss saying, “Although that future won’t happen overnight, GM is committed to driving increased usage and acceptance of electric vehicles through no-compromise solutions that meet our customers’ needs.”

Besides just battery-electric cars, GM will be pursuing hydrogen fuel-cell cars as well in the company’s two-pronged approach to clean motoring. You can expect the first of the planned EVs to arrive in crossover form based on Bolt underpinnings next year.

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