Evolution theory: new Mitsubishi crossover concept revealed

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New e-Evolution zero-emissions crossover puts a virtual rally co-driver in the passenger seat next to you…

2018 mitsubishi concept evolution

After 10 generations of slinging mud, dust, sand and rocks everywhere, sideways, on the way to four consecutive world rally titles, the venerable Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is no more having been honorably discharged from giant-killing service last year.

Now that the model is killed off, there’s a giant gap left in enthusiasts’ hearts waiting in vain to be filled by a Lancer Evolution XI, and bring back the people’s rally champion.

And in vain it’ll have to be, because Mitsubishi, now in the hands of Renault-Nissan as part of the Alliance, is focussing on electrification with the group readying 12 all-new zero-emissions vehicles by the year 2022.

2018 mitsubishi concept evolution

One of those vehicles has just been previewed before its official world debut at the upcoming Tokyo motor show later this month, where the new Mitsubishi e-Evolution will take centerstage on the manufacturer’s stand.

Even though it teases enthusiasts with that name suggesting an Evolution XI is on the way, it’s all a ploy to cover up the fact this concept is merely an ‘evolution’ for Mitsubishi’s product range and styling language, which is to say it’s an all-electric, zero-emissions crossover with autonomous driving tech onboard. Tsk-tsk, what would Tommi Mäkinen say…

The e-Evolution features three electric motors powering all four wheels, as well as active yaw control and chassis tricks to provide what Mitsubishi promises is “enjoyable performance”. The Japanese company also highlights the car’s AI systems featuring an array of sensors reading the road ahead, as well as a special driver’s coaching function that’s able to assess your driving skills and instruct you with voice commands and graphics displayed on the large dashboard screen. So it will be a little bit like having your own rally co-driver in the passenger seat, so you can at least pretend it’s an Evolution XI even though you’re just on the way to pick up the kids.

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