VIDEO: Watch the Bugatti Chiron hit 400km/h

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Former Indy 500 and Monaco Grand Prix winner Juan Pablo Montoya sets new world record in a

bugatti chiron juan pablo montoya

has taken claim to a new speed world record with the 1,500-horsepower Chiron taking 41,96 seconds do go from zero to 400km/h and brake down to zero again.

The Molsheim hypercar company’s Chiron was driven to the record by Juan Pablo Montoya, who’s raced everything from karts to F1 cars (even Suzuki Swifts) and won the Indy 500, Monaco Grand Prix, 24 Hours of Daytona, and the jewel in the F3000 crown, the Pau Gran Prix.

The car did 0-400-0km/h in under 42 seconds requiring a distance of 3.112 kilometers, making it the fastest officially measured run in the world. The company says it’s not done yet and plans to pursue further speed records with the 16-cylinder Chiron during the course of 2018.

Already 300 of the AED9.9m Chirons have been accounted for, with 200 still available from the limited production run of 500 in total.

Montoya, a driver known by motor sport fans for his bravery, had to deal with some big forces at play to get the record. The car reached 400km/h from a standstill in just 32.6 seconds, at which point Montoya hit the brakes – 0.8 seconds later the rear wing moved up into the airbrake position boosting downforce by 900kg and exerting the driver to 2g. 

If you consider centrifugal force means a tyre valve that weighs only 18.3 grams when stationary weighs 45 kilos at a speed of 400 km/h, you can imagine how much assurance the run needed when it comes to things like rubber and driver.

bugatti chiron juan pablo montoya

“My first thought was that I would do anything Bugatti wanted in order to drive this incredible car,” Montoya said.

He did more than just drive it – Montoya also set a personal record in the Chiron beating his previous highest recorded top speed the Colombian achieved in an IndyCar, which was 407km/h.

“It was all quite easy,” the 41-year-old said. “Just get in and drive off. Incredible.”

During the Bugatti record weekend which took place at Volkswagen’s Ehra-Lessien test track in Germany, Montoya broke the 400km/h barrier a total of 17 times and on one occasion raised his own personal best to 420km/h.

“You cannot imagine how powerful it is,” he said. “But as soon as you open the throttle, you hear the turbochargers pull up and all this torque comes in, and it just does not stop. It is like a linear power curve to happiness… The Chiron is so incredibly fast it takes your breath away.”

So take a deep breath and watch the video of the record run below:

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