Subaru launches new fifth-gen 2018 Impreza

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Yes, you need to take a second glance, but the is all-new and coming to a showroom near you in the UAE soon

2018 subrau impreza 3

Sure, Japanese manufacturer needs to start employing some actual automotive designers soon and perhaps launch something vaguely attractive looking every once in a while — currently the company’s cars look like those generic silhouettes on road signs. Not offensive, and certainly not interesting — that seems to be the phrase on every motivational cat poster hanging on the wall of Fuji Heavy Industry’s styling studio, if they even have one.

Anyway let’s try and pay some attention to the 2018 Impreza, an all-new fifth-generation model coming at you from the and its global premiere.

2018 subrau impreza 3

As you would expect the car is available with all-wheel drive and a boxer engine, and Subaru claims the engines have been on the receiving end of significant updates, while the same goes for the chassis and the company’s dreaded continuously variable transmission.

The interior looks like it was designed about a decade ago and has already started to feel dated right on the Frankfurt show floor, but Subaru says the focus was on improving the quality of the materials and soft-touch plastics — Subaru is a brand with some of the most brand-loyal customer-base around with return-buyers making up the bulk of sales, so they are not about to alienate the fan boys and girls with some kind of drastic changes.

2018 subrau impreza 3

Sitting on the company’s new global platform the latest Impreza is only the second model to benefit from this vehicle architecture — the Subaru XV that premiered earlier this year at the Geneva motor show was the first.

Engineers say the platform affords the 2018 Impreza higher rigidity and torsional stiffness, as well as improved noise and vibration qualities plus a more comfortable ride.

One of the highlights is Subaru’s inclusion here of several safety technologies such as pedestrian recognition, road markings and traffic sign recognition, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane management kit.

The entry-level 1.6-litre engine features 70 percent new components, claims the maker, with attention on lightweight design that saves 14kg compared to the outgoing lump. It is rated at 116bhp at 6,200rpm.

The top spec 2.0-litre flat-four saves 12kg, and features an increased compression ratio for a power figure of 156bhp available at 6,000rpm.

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