Ten things to know about the 10-million dirham Mercedes-AMG Project One

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Mercedes-AMG’s new is all about superlatives — a ridiculous price tag along with ridiculous specs… How does 1,000bhp and 11,000rpm sound?

mercedes-amg project one 2018

Mercedes-AMG has launched the hypercar concept to the world’s press at the previewing a production car that will command a price tag of AED10 million, featuring Formula 1 hybrid technology on board and hype to match. Here’s all you need to know…

1. F1 to road

This is the first road vehicle to directly benefit from current Formula 1 technology, which means it’s powered by a relatively tiny 1.6-litre single-turbocharged V6 engine that is capable of revving to 11,000rpm, which would make the Project One the highest revving road car of all time.

2. Electric turbo

The single turbocharged is electrically powered so it doesn’t sap the engine, and to achieve those high revs AMG engineers worked closely with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team in Brixworth, UK, to include spur-gear-driven camshafts, and pneumatic valve springs instead of standard mechanical ones which wouldn’t be able to cope with the revs.

mercedes-amg project one 2018

3. It’s a hybrid

With plug-in hybrid drive technology, the Project One uses electric motors for the driven front axle, with rotor revolutions up to 50,000rpm, which Mercedes claims is a huge step up from the currently available 20,000rpm rotors.

4. No turbo lag

Mercedes got rid of dreaded turbo lag completely, claiming the engine responds quicker than a naturally aspirated V8 thanks to electric turbocharging — what’s more, the surplus exhaust system energy is used to generate electricity and either store it in the battery to provide additional drive to the front motors.

5. Advanced torque vectoring

Each of the front electric motors allow individual acceleration and braking of each wheel, essentially providing torque vectoring control in the process — Mercedes says up to 80 percent of braking energy can be recuperated.

mercedes-amg project one 2018

6. Unparalleled thermodynamic efficiency

Regular cars have a thermodynamic efficiency of around 33 percent, if they’re pretty good at it (which means 33 percent of the engine’s power drives the vehicle, and the rest if lost as heat). Mercedes however claims this is the most thermo efficient car ever put on the road, with a figure of over 40 percent.

7. Head-spinning numbers

Time for some raw numbers — the 1.6-litre engine makes 670 horsepower which gives it an unprecedented specific-power figure of nearly 420bhp per litre, while each electric motor up front is worth 160bhp for a 320bhp total. Put it all together and you get 990bhp but we may as well just call it a thousand.

8. Zero-emissions driving

The Project One actually affords drives a zero-emissions range of 25km, but when you use it as intended the car will accelerate from 0-200km/h in less than six seconds and top out at 350km/h.  A McLaren 720S for example, takes 7.5 seconds to reach 200km/h.

mercedes-amg project one 2018

9. Bespoke tyres

Power is transferred to the rear wheels by an eight-speed automated manual transmission which has been developed specifically for the Project One. The lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque chassis and body sit on 19-inch (front) and 20-inch (rear) wheels shod with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres exclusively developed for the Project One.

10. Everyday usability

Inspired by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 racing car, the interior features sculpted seats in slip-resistant microfibre interspersed with some nappa leather and yellow contrasting stitching. Mercedes even says this thing is an easy daily-driver, with an air conditioning system as well as storage compartments behind the seats.

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