BMW’s latest i Vision EV goes after Tesla

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The Munich manufacturer has just revealed the i Vision in Frankfurt, a Gran Coupe design study with all-electric power going straight after Tesla — and what’s more says it’s coming in the near future…

bmw i vision gran coupe 2

We’ve already seen the gigantic six-seater X7 (with that mug, you can’t miss it…), BMW’s main attraction at the . Now the company has just taken the veils off the BMW i Vision, and it’s clear the Müncheners are going after Tesla with a future four-door sedan previewed here in concept form.

BMW says this car will show up in showrooms in the “near future” with Gran Coupe-like styling that takes cues from cars like the company’s 6 Series.

bmw i vision gran coupe 2

This four-door Gran Coupe however, features an electric drivetrain good for a driving range of 600km and 0-100km/h in four seconds dead. BMW adds the car is capable of a top speed of 200km/h.

Combining the styling of the i8 hybrid sportscar with BMW’s more mainstream cars, the i Vision sedan is part of the company’s plan to have a portfolio featuring 25 electrified models in the line-up by the year 2025. The Munich brand says at least 12 of these upcoming cars are planned as all-electric models producing zero emissions.

bmw i vision gran coupe 2

Obviously, with one glance you can tell that BMW designers have become infatuated with the brand’s traditional kidney grille, present here in quite some prominence by dominating the front end.

However the car’s visual highlight is the side window profile line (which looks like a Kia grille) having only recently made its debut on BMW’s i models, and which BMW for some bizarre, egotistical reason reckons has already become an “iconic styling cue”.

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