This new Evora is the fastest Lotus ever

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After finally turning a profit Lotus is looking forward to a sustainable future in the business of sports cars — so here’s a new 10-year old sports car called the GT430 Sport

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It’s nice to know that British sports car maker Lotus has turned a profit “for the first time in years” according to the company’s financial statement this July, with CEO Jean-Marc Gales saying the brand is now finally a sustainable business.

But to sustain the business Lotus really will eventually need new wares — the company’s flagship Evora sports car has been around since 2008, and after a decade it’s still not done.

In fact, there’s now a new one, available in both coupé and roadster configurations and with manual or automatic transmissions. Following the recent Evora GT430 debut, this GT430 Sport is now the fastest road-going Lotus of all time with 430 horsepower good for a claimed top speed of 325km/h and 0-100km/h in about 3.6 seconds.

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The car still banks on a mid-ship mounted Toyota-sourced 3.5-litre V6, supercharged here to make 440Nm of torque, or 450Nm if you spec the automatic gearbox.

With carbon fibre and titanium components as standard kit, the GT430 Sport also sheds some weight with a kerb figure of 1,248kg, which is 10kg less than the regular GT430 non-Sport.

The big changes here are a racing-derived carbon-fibre splitter and a large carbon-fibre rear wing, plus some aerodynamic flicks and louvres on top of each wheel arch. In there by the way, you’ll find some 10mm wider wheels and tyres, provided by Michelin in staggered 245/35 R19 up front and 295/30 R20 rear dimensions.

lotus evora gt430 sport 1

With the aero kit on board the GT430 Sport generates up to 100kg of downforce at its top speed — it’s worth noting the regular Evora GT430 generates up to 250kg of downforce, albeit at its lower 305km/h top speed.

Through the company’s in-house Lotus Exclusive programme, customers can further personalise their GT430 Sport, with Lotus saying about a third of all cars sold go through the programme. The car is available to order now with prices starting from around AED500,000.

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