Jaguar’s future steering wheel is all the car you’ll own

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has just unveiled Sayer, an intelligent steering wheel that might one day be the only part of a car you actually own…

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In a future of connected shareable cars there will be little point to private vehicle ownership, but this notion doesn’t seem to be scaring away car manufacturers at all.

If anything they are embracing it, reasoning that vehicles in future shared networks will spend less time parked and doing nothing, and much more time being used. In short, that means vehicles will on average cover more miles in less time, with shorter life cycles meaning they’ll need replacing more often. In shorter, car makers think they’ll soon be selling way more cars.

Jaguar Land Rover is among those looking forward to a future of shareable cars, with the company just unveiling a steering wheel concept at the company’s 2017 Tech Fest held at the University of the Arts London. No, not a car, just a steering wheel.

You see, Jaguar reckons that in the future all a motorist might actually need to buy is a steering wheel. That would be the only part of the vehicle you own, and a kind of personal control unit compatible with a variety of vehicles. Depending on how much money you shell out, car companies will then ‘unlock’ your membership for the use of additional vehicles.

Imagining a city in 2040, Jaguar says the smart wheel might give you the choice to call up on the vehicle you require, when you require it. With voice-activated artificial-intelligence in the device, a user need only state their desired destination and arrival time, and the wheel calls up a nearby available vehicle to pick you up at your door.

Named ‘Sayer’ after Jaguar’s designer Malcolm Sayer who gave the world the E-Type and worked for the British firm during the fifties and sixties, the smart wheel will also be able to pick out custom routes and hand over control to you with suggestions of driving roads you might want to enjoy yourself on the way. 

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