Porsche launches 2018 Cayenne

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Third-generation Audi Q7-based is in the this coming January with a price starting from AED298,300 — more power, less buttons, more digitalisation, less weight…

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After 760,000 total sales since launching its first ever SUV in 2003, Porsche has revealed the all-new third-generation 2018 Cayenne in a glitzy gala on the rooftop of the marque’s museum in Zuffenhausen.

Company boss Oliver Blume took centre stage with the new SUV highlighting the new Cayenne’s digitalisation and body redesign.

“Never before has the Cayenne borrowed so much from the 911,” he said.

Styling highlights include a longer, wider, and lower body without robbing passengers of interior space, and a new ‘ligthbar’ rear end taking inspiration from the traditional all-wheel drive 911 rear.

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Design boss at Porsche, Michael Mauer, quipped: “The rear end is the greatest challenge at Porsche. Drivers of other cars, they only see the rear most of the time…”

Exterior designer Peter Varga was also present in Zuffenhausen. “[The Cayenne] has typical Porsche features, topography as we call it… A Porsche bonnet is very important how it is designed – we emphasize the power dome in the bonnet by placing it in the middle, and the C-pillar was also slightly tilted forward so the car looks more dynamic.”

On the interior front the name of the game throughout the industry is at least 12 inches of screen and a continuing endangerment of physical switchgear.

“We had a great challenge for our design team to find the right balance between the new digital world and traditional analog world,” said interior designer Ivo von Hulten. “If you open the door you can see at first glance the analog tachometer, the centre of the cockpit.”

“You know the Cayenne base model and the Cayenne S are only the beginning. There are still some very powerful and at the same time efficient models to follow.”

Right alongside it the digitalisation begins with a 7.0-inch display in the instrument cluster and a 12.3-inch dominating the dashboard in the centre.

In January next year, the car will begin reaching its first customers in the Middle East, with two six-cylinder iterations of the 2018 Cayenne already on sale.

The base Cayenne will start from AED298,300 powered by a 340 horsepower 3.0-litre (single) turbocharged V6, which is an increase of 40bhp over its predecessor.

The Cayenne S starts from AED363,200, with a smaller 2.9-litre twin-turbo strangely enough, developing 440 horsepower for an increase of 20bhp, and capable of a top speed of 265km/h and zero to 100km/h in less than five seconds. Naturally the range will steadily grow (the second generation SUV went on to over a dozen iterations).

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“You know Porsche,” added Blume, “And you know the Cayenne base model and the Cayenne S are only the beginning. There are still some very powerful and at the same time efficient models to follow.”

As in the headlining Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, you can therefore expect Porsche to eventually roll out a flagship Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid worth (hybrid system total) 680 horsepower.

Based on the Audi Q7 platform, the third-gen Cayenne introduces features line the newly available rear-axle steering system on Porsche’s SUV for the first time, three-chamber air suspension, and tungsten-carbide coated brakes which increase friction while reducing brake fade. The new brakes will be optional equipment slotting in between the standard steel items and the top-spec carbon ceramics.

With a body made entirely of aluminium, Porsche has managed to add a host of these new features to the 2018 Cayenne without sacrificing weight — the company claims the SUV weighs up to 65kg less than before depending on specifications.

2018 porsche Cayenne 1

Other digital highlights include increased range of voice controls, night vision, a host of driver assistance systems, and the latest-generation adaptive cruise control slash semi-autonomous mode.

Quizzed about upcoming iterations, Porsche didn’t exactly deny the potential of a coupé-SUV in the vein of the BMW X6 or Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé, as the Zuffenhausen marque chases new records – last year the company sold 225,121 vehicles, the most in its history, of which 73,119 were Cayennes, or a third of total annual production.

The regional consumers will be able to get their first live look at the third-gen 2018 Cayenne at November’s .


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