Ariel launching 1,180 horsepower hypercar

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British lightweight specialist is developing P40 capable of 0-160km/h in 3.8 seconds, with four electric motors and a kerb weight of 1.6 tonnes. UAE price will hover around  AED1 million

ariel hypercar P40 uae

British boutique sports car company Ariel is most famous for nearly blowing the face off a very well known automotive celebrity named Jeremy Clarkson, and for attaching blistering V8 engines to a few bits of pipe. And then throwing some wheels on.

Now the company wants to branch out into the smooth, silent world of electricity. Of course they’re not going after Tesla, they’re still doing it the Ariel way, and that means a lithium-ion battery pack and a 295-horsepower electric motor. Per wheel. Yes, four 295-horsepower motors, for a total of 1,180bhp.

Instead of mere scaffolding and a couple of seats like you get with Ariel’s current Atom or Nomad (available with up to 310bhp), Ariel is building this electric vehicle with an aluminum monocoque tub wrapped in carbon fibre bodywork,  with a targeted weight of around 1.6 tonnes.

Codenamed the Ariel P40 in this development stage, the car is already going through simulated runs promising serious performance, to the tune of zero to 160km/h in 3.8 seconds while wheel spinning in the dry. Arien engineers will be employing tactics like ground effects to create the aerodynamic downforce necessary to wield 1,180 horsepower.

When it goes on sale Ariel projects a starting price form the one million-dirham range, or about 250,000 pounds sterling… After the full-blown all-wheel drive quad-motor P40, the company will additionally introduce a two-wheel drive version with two motors and a little short of 700 horsepower. Couple that to the potential weight savings in the two-wheel drive version, and you’re looking at a bit of a P40 superleggera in true Ariel style.

At the moment Ariel’s Atom weighs just 520kg, and the off-roading orientated Nomad weighs in at 670kg so the company’s expertise lie in lightweighting, meaning the P40 will present new challenges for Ariel in terms of weight management, suspension tuning and cornering dynamics.

But considering the quad-motor P40 will have independent torque vectoring and instant response we are waiting in bated breath for Ariel’s transition into electrified performance.

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