292 diamonds for UAE-bound Dartz Black Alligator

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Mad Latvian carrosserie reveals seven-figure Black Alligator heading to 2017 motor show — Care to guess how many alligators died for its cause?

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Everyone’s favorite nutters from Latvia are back grabbing headlines for the most ostentatious displays of wealth on wheels.

Famous for military-inspired SUVs, the Dartz company offers its moneyed clientele such opulent options as gold plating, Kevlar bodywork, bulletproofing, and exotic hides from animals like sharks and alligators and whales, specifically whales’ nether regions.

Dartz has arguably saved its most ridiculous fantasies to date for this newest creation, the Prombron Black Alligator, which company founder Leonard Yankelovich claims is heading for a role in the upcoming 25th James Bond flick (with Daniel Craig still in the starring role).

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His SUVs have already been seen in movies like 2012’s The Dictator and 2014’s The November Man, but a Black Alligator in the hands of Agent 007’s latest villain will be the company’s biggest appearance on the silver screen yet.

The Black Alligator will come with no less than 292 diamonds studded into its steering wheel as well as two rubies just to top it off.

Auto Middle East chatted to Yankelovich exclusively and the man behind Dartz confirmed his gang of merry Latvians is bringing the Black Alligator to November’s .

In terms of pricing Yankelovich couldn’t be specific. “Just mention ‘5Z’ or ‘6Z’,” he said. “Which means five zeroes after the number. Or six…”

dartz black alligator dubai 1

With a full carbon fibre and Kevlar body, the car also includes eight full-length exhaust pipes, and gold switchgear.

“Real gold,” emphasies Yankelovich. “Not gold plated. Not galvanized plastic. Gold buttons…”

Customers willing to spend even more than ‘6Z’ on their Black Alligator will have plenty of opportunities with Dartz’ accommodating options list.

“There will be a lot of use[less]ful options,” says Yankelovich. “Even the key is hand made, and different.”

As for the leather interior, two stingrays die for the cause of each Black Alligator giving their skin to the cabin trimmers, and no less than 18 Mississippi alligator hides are used in the making of each vehicle.

“No fake alligators!” adds Yankelovich.

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